Let’s write your marketing strategy and put it to work.

I’ll help you link a roadmap of marketing strategies with your business goals, ensuring you have what you need to reach your objectives.


It’s not you, bridging the gap from product expertise to effective marketing is difficult.

Your marketing is inconsistent or not comprehensive.

You’ve overlooked branding to focus on technical challenges.

You struggle to say why your product is different and better.


I create straightforward marketing roadmaps so you learn what to focus on and why.


Get guidance on what to focus on–and what not to.

I’ll help you understand your options for aligning marketing efforts with near-term goals while ensuring you’re set up for long-term success, so you can be confident in what has been prioritized.


Add market expertise and support–when it’s needed.

I’ll help support your current efforts and team with a second opinion, a new strategy and in putting the plan to work so you get the expertise and support precisely when you need it.


Get a marketing roadmap to find your best route.

I’ll create a roadmap of marketing tactics tailored to your business stage and objectives, so you can be confident that the most impactful options are focused on first.


Let’s get started.


You’ll collaborate directly with Eric.
No juniors, no outsourcing—just a personalized marketing roadmap crafted by yours truly.
Everything is ready in 2-3 weeks.
I’ll combine your input, offline research, and efficient planning for a swift delivery.
Up front payment for quick results.
A small project with big impact—up front payment ensures you can put the results to work quickly.
Bring 1-3 team members to the session.
Focus on those who understand your business and can leverage the marketing roadmap most.
I’m flexible, we can get started when you are ready.
Schedule an introductory call or get started to schedule your first roadmap session.
I can provide more support if you need it.
See more of the services I provides, or reach out to discuss your specific needs.