KARTE Marketing & Communications.

Get support with marketing consultation, planning & execution.

I specialize in strategy, design & content for Professionals, Startups & Enterprise.

I can help.

There’s enough on your plate without also trying to be a marketing expert too – worse yet, missing out on finding the right customers. To get marketing to be effective can be complex and daunting, with strategy gaps and technical challenges. – I can help you navigate all of it.

I love helping business owners win.

I really do – With over a decade of experience across diverse industries and organizations, I’ve acquired invaluable insights into effective marketing, strategy, and growth. KARTE Marketing & Communications is my way of sharing these lessons to help more businesses win.

Here’s how I help.

I specialize in creating clear and concise marketing roadmaps, guiding you on where to focus your efforts and why.

Get crystal clear about your priorities.

I’ll align your marketing efforts on short-term goals for long-term success.

Get a partner for expert support & guidance.

I’ll provide timely strategic input to enhance your current efforts.

Get a customized marketing roadmap.

I’ll develop a tailored plan of action to achieve your business objectives.

Who I’ve helped.

Fractal EV –
Brand & Identity

Rewards Program –
Brand & Digital

FleetCarma –
Sales Support

Signature –
Brand & Name

See if there’s a fit.

Find out with a 15-minute call if I can help your business.

Common Questions

  • Who will I work with? You’ll work directly with me, Eric. No juniors, no outsourcing—just personalized guidance crafted by yours truly.
  • What if I don’t know where to start? Do you have 15 minutes? If so, you’ll know where to start after a quick call.
  • How will you help me? I provide tailored marketing strategies, product positioning, content creation, and sales enablement to drive growth and engagement.
  • How much does it cost? It depends on the project. I can handle big or small projects, ongoing or project-based work, and committed hours or flexible arrangements.
  • How long does it take? It depends on the project.
  • What do you do? See the Services page for detailed information on my offerings, including strategy development, brand creation, and market entry planning.