In a bustling market dominated by numerous players offering EV charging solutions, Fractal EV emerged to face a challenge. As a late market entrant offering a superior solution, there was a need to carve out a distinct space amidst an array of market-dominant and low-cost competitors.

The core challenge was two-pronged: Firstly, differentiating Fractal EV in a sea of similar-looking and sounding brands. Secondly, making it resonate with a very specific audience that would be instrumental in influencing purchasing decisions.

Our journey began with a detailed introduction and a discovery call, followed by intensive market research and planning. By diving deep into the competitive landscape and understanding the nuances of customer preferences, needs, and behaviors, a comprehensive proposal was developed. This proposal outlined a clear marketing roadmap and strategy to be implemented in phases.

Given the market’s crowded nature and the dominance of several major players, a unique approach was essential. The strategy was to pinpoint the real decision influencers: the electrical installers. By targeting this niche, we could ensure our branding and product were directly aligned with their needs and preferences.

The visual identity of the brand took inspiration from the robust world of industrial and construction hardware, reminiscent of professional tools and heavy machinery. Aiming for a sense of rugged reliability, practicality, and quality, the design sought to echo the ethos of the target audience. Every aspect, from messaging to positioning, was tailored to speak directly to them.

Services Provided:

  • Product Marketing: We emphasized targeting the right audience. Instead of casting a wide net, we focused on the installers and maintainers of electrical equipment. By appealing to this demographic’s specific needs and challenges, the product and branding were tailored to resonate deeply with them.
  • Brand Development: Brand positioning was key, ensuring that our product messaging was crystal clear and aligned with our target demographic’s needs.
  • Visual Identity Design: This included a comprehensive package of a logo, design book, typography, and a brand palette. The logo’s design alluded to the ‘fractal’ nature of the software. Owing to the need for legibility and recognition, a logotype design was favored over a symbolic one. The color palette was distinctive, leveraging yellow and black to stand out and appeal to the industrial sensibilities of our target audience, which differentiated it from the commonplace blues and reds of competitors.

For imagery, diagrammatic line drawings reminiscent of electrical blueprints or schematics were used. Authentic photographs of the product, coupled with images of our target demographic, added to the relatability of the branding.


The outcome was a brand that stood apart, resonating deeply with electrical contractors and installers. The unique visual identity, combined with a laser-focused marketing approach, ensured that Fractal EV wasn’t just another name in the market but a brand that the target audience felt was specifically made for them.

Fractal EV’s brand development journey underscores the significance of a targeted approach in branding. By truly understanding and catering to the needs and preferences of a specific demographic, brands can carve a niche for themselves, even in a saturated market. Through strategic differentiation and a clear understanding of the audience, Fractal EV successfully positioned itself as a reliable, top-of-mind choice for its target demographic.