As part of a broader initiative to reinvigorate its branding and communication, Firmex embarked on an ambitious project to update its brand book design and refresh its branded assets and sales collateral.

With a diverse range of assets and collateral disseminated across various channels and platforms, Firmex faced the challenge of ensuring cohesive branding. Over time, their brand identity had been applied inconsistently, leading to a fragmented brand image in the market.

While working at Firmex, I took the initiative to address these inconsistencies. I conducted a thorough audit of all existing branded assets, identifying areas where the brand had been applied haphazardly. Recognizing the need for a coherent design language, I proposed a unified approach that considered Firmex’s core values, industry positioning, and aspirations. This renewed perspective formed the essence of the updated brand book, which set guidelines on color schemes, typography, iconography, and other critical design elements. Ensuring cohesion, I meticulously redesigned the sales collateral to match these standards, with every detail—from digital ads to physical brochures—reflecting the redefined brand identity. This solution also tied seamlessly into an associated website project.

Following the updates, Firmex saw a significant rise in brand recognition and achieved uniformity across all its customer touchpoints. The sales teams at Firmex acknowledged the positive shift, observing that the revitalized design was a key factor in enhancing client interactions and boosting lead conversions.

This endeavour underscored the importance of consistent branding in influencing market perception. Through the meticulous revamp of the brand book and the realignment of its sales collateral, Firmex showcased the compelling advantages of sustaining a consistent and modern brand image.