While working as an employee of Firmex, a challenge emerged with the SaaS product: users frequently needed support for common issues. With the call center often overloaded with queries, a solution was imperative. The majority of these issues revolved around a select set of challenges that formed the bulk of support inquiries.

The Challenge:
While live support was available, it was often swamped by user problems. A pattern emerged: most of the queries pertained to a list of recurrent product challenges. Addressing these repetitive issues consumed valuable time and resources, leading to the need for a self-service option for customers.

Our Solution:
The solution was clear: develop a customer support knowledge base on the website to cater to users’ challenges. This knowledge base aimed to empower users to find answers to their problems autonomously, without the need to contact live support.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility & Integration: The support knowledge base was seamlessly integrated into Firmex’s main website, embedded in historical email and chat messages, and optimized for search engines to ensure users could easily locate it.
  • Instant Support: A search module on the landing page enabled users to quickly identify solutions to their challenges. Additionally, a dynamic list highlighted the most frequent problems, guiding users to the most sought-after solutions.
  • Comprehensive Content: The knowledge base housed detailed guides for product usage and features. These guides offered extensive walk-throughs for workflows and tasks, ensuring users had a wealth of information at their fingertips.
  • Feedback Loop: We valued user feedback and incorporated a system where users could report new issues. An option to connect with live support was also available for those needing additional assistance.

Design Philosophy:
The design ethos was simplicity and user-centricity. A flat website architecture was employed to enable users to find solutions swiftly. The content was crafted and iteratively tested to ensure it addressed user needs. The design ensured continuous content updates, based on live support calls and website analytics, to ensure relevancy and user satisfaction.

The new knowledge base resulted in a significant reduction in inbound support calls, allowing users to independently overcome their challenges. The agile system in place ensured timely updates and content refinement based on evolving user needs and product changes. This initiative bolstered user satisfaction, giving them more reasons to stay loyal to Firmex’s subscription service, reducing the allure of competitor products.

Through the development of a comprehensive and user-focused knowledge base, Firmex successfully addressed frequent user challenges, enhanced user experience, and strengthened brand loyalty. The project showcased the importance of understanding user pain points and creating solutions that evolve with changing needs.