FleetCarma, an esteemed player in the electric vehicle telematics domain, recognized the need to reinforce its brand consistency amidst the dual challenges of serving both B2B and B2C sectors and the effects of multiple prior interpretations.

The brand had evolved over time, with various stakeholders taking it in different directions. This led to an inconsistent application of visual identity across diverse mediums like digital, print, and product, making a comprehensive and unified brand image elusive.

A rigorous assessment of all pre-existing brand assets set the stage. The design team rejuvenated the assets, ensuring a cohesive, tech-centric, yet friendly aura. Key elements included a modern flat illustration style, revamped iconography and typography, and subtle logo modifications. The crowning achievement was the brand book, a beacon for future brand representation, streamlining all visual touchpoints.

FleetCarma experienced a brand resurgence. The refresh contributed to a notable acquisition, enhanced website and social media engagement, and amplified industry recognition.

FleetCarma’s journey accentuated the significance of brand consistency. Through a strategic refresh, the company harnessed its brand’s potential, underscoring that periodic brand introspection is a worthy investment for businesses in any industry.