In an industry brimming with innovation, KARTE Marketing’s challenge was to create a speculative beer can design that would resonate deeply with a particular segment of beverage consumers: hockey fans. The result? The “Dart Ice” beer can – a tribute to the icy rinks and the exhilaration of the game.

The Challenge:

With no direct client guidance and a wide-open creative canvas, our challenge was to conceptualize a design that would not only capture the essence of the sport but also appeal to its vast fanbase. We aimed to create a product that would serve as a bridge between the thrill of a hockey match and the relaxation of sipping a cold beer.

Our Approach:

Understanding the Market:
We started by diving deep into the world of hockey. Understanding the nuances of the sport, its culture, and its fans was crucial. The thrill of the game, the chill of the ice, and the shared camaraderie among fans provided the backdrop for our design ideas.

Crafting the Beer Can Design:
Drawing inspiration from hockey’s dynamic energy, we selected a color palette of black, gray, white, and blue. These colors not only reflect the icy rinks and team jerseys but also exude a sense of coolness, reminiscent of the beer itself.

The “Dart Ice” logo was crafted with a typeface that subtly hints at the swift movements of hockey players, and the design motifs around the can were reminiscent of hockey sticks, pucks, and goals. Every element, from the imagery to the color choices, was meticulously chosen to remind the drinker of their love for the sport, the entertainment of watching intense matches, and the joy of being part of a larger community of fans.

The Result:

The Dart Ice beer can emerge as a design that seamlessly blends the spirit of hockey with the pleasure of enjoying an ice-brewed beer. It’s more than just a container; it’s a conversation starter, a keepsake for fans, and a tribute to a beloved sport.


The Dart Ice design initiative stands as a testament to KARTE Marketing’s commitment to understanding, innovation, and detailed design. In an environment devoid of client constraints, we showcased our ability to tap into the heart of a subculture, bringing forth a product that resonates, delights, and reminds.